Balisong Brass Knuckles Butterfly Knives

$ 49.99 $ 44.99
$ 44.99

This is the ideal butterfly knife for actual combat use. The stainless steel handle has a very modern brushed finish and bowie-style drop point stainless steel blade. 


The drop point blade is the classic, proven design effectiveness in hunting prey. The four finger knuckles shield protects your hand from injury and increases your control of the weapon reducing the likelihood of dropping it or having it taken away. 


This knife is assembled with Torx screws rather then rivets so components can be tightened and repaired easily. Includes a removable black belt clip.


9 inches overall.


Note: As with all butterfly knives, please be sure to maintain and tighten the screws, especially the pivot screws. We recommend using a threadlocker for best results. Adjust with care, we do not warrant stripped screws!

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