Clean hands Protective Dust Masks

$ 19.99 $ 6.99
Color :
Black Womens
Black Men’s
$ 6.99

Solid Mask with that Custom design. 95% polyester and 5% Spandex , Washable and Reuseable . Sick protection. 

Made in The USA

per piece

size small is for kids 8 and under

Some studies have found face masks to be effective in reducing exposure to viruses ,it also inhibits the spread of coronavirus if you are unknowingly infected we recommend using a mask wherever you go out of your home especially when you’re inside somewhere for example bus ,subway ,building , market ,etc. Viruses tend to travel on droplets that are much bigger than the virus itself. The mask can be an effective barrier to block these larger droplets and prevent the virus from passing through the mask.

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