Hella Kulit Handles Tsurikawa Car 3 Stars and Sun Handle

$ 35.00
$ 35.00

First of its kind, 100% original and soon to be your favorite Filipino Pride addition to your ride! Our Hella Kulit Tsurikawa is perfect for hanging inside or outside your car. Comes assembled with 2 part nut and bolt closure. 

*Requires a standard Phillips head screwdriver for install.

*For decorative purposes only and should not be used by your nanay to hang onto when you're driving loko loko. However, it still can be used as a handle.


DIRECTIONS FOR INSTALLATION: Unscrew both screws with Phillips head screwdriver. Be careful not to lose the nuts on the opposite side of the plastic closure. Remove plastic closure and loop strap around desired location. Replace plastic closure and refasten nuts and bolts.

DISCLAIMER: This tsurikawa contains sharp edgesand is not suitable for children.. or tanga adults. Please handle with caution, especially when hanging inside of a vehicle. We always recommend hanging outside of the vehicle. This is not a toy and is for decorative purposes only.


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